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about us

UTC GROUP is a 25 year old company founded by Mr. Faiz Ahmed. Has evolved as a company with a strong work culture built on trust between employees and the management and transparency among its various departments. With a “Never Give Up” spirit, our employees have been serving the organization since its formation. As a premium logistics service provider, the company has grown increasingly popular for providing cost-effective, timely and efficient services. Our operations cover all transportation routes which are namely rail, air, ocean and ground/road. We are closely associated with international freight forwarders, Custom Clearance Agents, Transporters, Custom consultants and Project transportation specialists in shipping, clearing and forwarding businesses.

They are truly global in nature, and they work hand in hand in different industries applying the methodology which is best suited for a particular industry. At UTC GROUP, we understand the global language of supply chain management and our hundreds of skilled professionals provide integrated logistics solutions to our clients across a diverse range of industry.

GROUP OF COMPANIES: United Trading Corporation & Concare Logistics

delivering consistent customer experience


We are committed to deliver cost-effective, error-free, timely and superior logistics solutions to our clients continuously through the use of latest technology, industry expertise and innovation.


We transport our cargo in time and at strategic locations without additional costs.


Get guaranteed, date-scheduled, cost-effective ground shipping delivery for commercial & residential shipments.

cargo van available

Eco-friendly cargo van available in exclusive sizes with safety & comfort.


We offer reliable & hassle-free air freight options, with flexible delivery speeds.


We specialize at in time delivery to organisations by integrating the right technology.

worldwide service

We leverage our strong worldwide service in order to provide smooth functioning of all operations.