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We have established ourselves as one of the largest road freight fleets in India reaching across domestic and international routes. Numbering about 540 vehicles, including about 300 road tractors and 440 semitrailers, we’ve developed a network of reliable transport professionals over the years. We ensure your goods arrive safely and securely. Our clients need to ship all manner of goods and equipment, so we have a diverse fleet that is able to accommodate any requirement. We can provide a range of specialist vehicles to handle specific goods, from the classic tautliner to hydraulic tailgates or towed forklifts. Whatever type of cargo you need to transport, we aim to deliver it quickly and securely to keep your business moving.

We’re always looking to upgrade and improve our vehicles. We have the latest technologies with us to give us a few advantages in our deliveries.

specializes at
  • Better protection of transported goods.
  • Better responses to urgent deliveries.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
  • Improved staff safety with monitored rest periods.